Linda Avatar Creative Crop Small BestLinda Doty writes. She always writes, she has always written. She writes on a personal blog that is of an, um, less reverent nature. She writes on a blog behind the firewall at her company. She writes here. Rumor has it she writes on bathroom walls but she will neither confirm nor deny that.

This particular blog is connected to her LinkedIn account.  That tells you a few things: she will probably mind her manners here and if her dead grandma is looking down from heaven reading her blogs, this one is the one that will get Linda in the least amount of trouble.

Linda is married with five daughters. She lives in St. Louis and has worked in the exciting area of Sourcing & Procurement for many years.  She might even write about that – you never can tell with Linda.

One last thing – Linda hates writing about herself in third-person and yet it makes her feel oddly powerful.  Watch out, world. Linda Doty Writes.

Connect with Linda on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindadoty

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